Exotic Travel
Free Mambo Template
Theme Description
Regardless if you are a small travel agency or just a person who wants to remember last summer's exotic vacation, this stylish Mambo template is for you. The green palm trees and the crystal clear ocean water will light the adventurous spark in you. The sense of freedom and utter relaxation have never appeared so real. The theme offers a 3-column layout and various modules for classified content
Theme Features
  • Version 1.0.0
  • Tested with Mambo 4.6.5
  • Width: 1000px
  • Columns: 3
  • Parameters: yes
  • Price: FREE
  • Color variations: blue, green, red
Changing Colors
ThemZa distributes the Exotic Travel template with three colors included: blue, green and red. To change the color scheme of your website, please follow these easy steps:
  • 1. Download the template
  • 2. Open the file params.php, which is found in the main folder
  • 3. Change the value of $mosTemplateParam['color'] = 'blue'; to the desired color (blue, green, or red)
  • 4. Resave the file
  • 5. Upload the template package in your Mambo configuration (folder: your-mambo-dir/templates/folder)
The Themza team can easily transform your Mambo theme and make it unique. You can choose from a large amount of free Mambo templates in ThemZa and then let us customize it for you. You will only have to clarify your idea and we will do the rest. Currently, we are setting up the customization section in ThemZa.

Exotic Travel Free Mambo Template

Exotic Travel is lovely free Mambo template which can transform any mundane web site and make it unique. This customized version of the blue theme of the actual Exotic Travel Mambo theme can give you an idea how your web site would appear on the web. In order to see a real demo of Exotic Travel in Mambo environment we ask you to visit our Mambo demo site. This Mambo theme is free which means that you can download it and install it on your website free of charge. In addition ThemZa provides various other free Mambo templates which can suit even the most demanding tastes. They are available on the Mambo section of our web site. Furthermore, ThemZa constantly enhances and updates Mambo templates by adding new themes each week. Be in touch an visit the Mambo template section of the blog.

Mambo Modules Positions

In order your site to behave properly, please take a look at the following snapshot. It illustrates the positions of the modules of Exotic Travel Mambo theme. You may need to reorganize their arrangement according to your desire.

The images below are the snapshots of the Exotic Travel Mambo skin. These are the three colors that are supported by the template.

Blue Color of Exotic Travel Mambo Template

Download Exotic Travel Mambo Template

Green Color of Exotic Travel Mambo Template

Download Exotic Travel Mambo Template

Red Color of Exotic Travel Mambo Template

Download Exotic Travel Mambo Template